Have you hugged your dentist today?

by Wright Team Mexico 27. September 2010 07:50

Our clients and now friends from Florida sent us this to share with you!


     Have you hugged your dentist today? 

  Seems like a silly question unless your dentist is  Dra. Pilar.

Yes, she is definitely a female dentist and yes she is a Mexican dentist.


You would ask is it safe to go to Mexico and to add to it, go to see a dentist there?

The Lake Chapala area is probably not only has the world’s second best climate,

It is very safe and the people are super friendly.

The dentist’s office is the most modern I have seen with state of the art equipment.   Sharon , my wife needed a bridge, she was quoted $2610.00 by her US dentist.  Dra. Pilar did an absolute fabulous job for a mere $1200.00

In addition, Dra Pilar did a cleaning and cosmetic work for an additional $160.00

Sharon ’s teeth now look GREAT!


I was so impressed with Dra. Pilar’s work I decided to have my teeth cleaned and

have a filling that had turned yellow re-done. The Mexican dentist not only fixed the yellow spot, she repaired a chipped front tooth and build up a worn tooth as to make for a perfect smile all for $115.00

You can contact this great dental clinic at WWW.HECTORHARODDS.COM

Ed and Sharon Vanderleelie



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Michiko Porch
Michiko Porch United States
1/10/2011 12:23:22 PM #

Your website is great! This post really caught my eye when I was searching around. Thanks for sharing it.

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